Diabetic Diet: Reduce The Blood Sugar With These ‘Desi Foods’

Diabetes is a lifelong condition which occurs when your blood glucose levels are high. What is that? When you eat, your body turns those foods into glucose. Glucose is a type of simple sugar formed in the body during digestion. Insulin helps in proper utilization of glucose.

 This insulin helps the glucose to get into your cells and use it for energy

Diabetes is a disease that is spreading like a pandemic around the world. Today, due to the changing lifestyle and eating habits, you get to see a diabetes patient in almost every house. It is very important to control diabetes in time, otherwise, the condition of the person can be more dangerous. That is, diabetes gradually affects other parts of your body. Although medication is available to control the blood sugar of diabetes patients, it is not enough, for this, you need to make some changes in your daily diet. In such a situation, you can also consider adding these indigenous food items, which will help in reducing your blood sugar Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Every year, millions of people worldwide die of diabetes. Diabetes can occur to anyone, a condition in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high. A spike in blood pressure occurs either because the body is not producing enough insulin, or it is not able to react well to the insulin produced. In such a situation, diabetes patients need to be alert and

vigilant about their diet

Diabetes patients are advised to follow high-fibre diets, as it reduces blood sugar release and prevents abnormal spikes. Let us tell you about some indigenous tips which will help you in controlling your blood sugar rapidly.

Karela is bitter but is full of benefits for you. The way the medicine is bitter, the sooner it affects, in the same way as bitter gourd. Many people do not like it due to taste, but bitter gourd helps in weight loss and controls blood sugar. Bitter gourd contains a compound called polypeptide-P or P-insulin that helps control diabetes.